Supporting Indigenous Food Systems

Food and agriculture opportunities assessment and business planning for increased food security and sovereignty for Indigenous communities.

Upland Agricultural Consulting is committed to supporting First Nation, Métis, and Inuit Communities. We believe that investing in Indigenous communities leads to the success of British Columbia, and Canada. As Professional Agrologists, we want to see agriculturally-capable land being brought into full production. To meet that goal, we work alongside Indigenous leadership and staff to create agri-food suitability assessments based on the capacity of the land and the community and to meet the desired level of business development.

Through cooperation and partnerships with Indigenous communities, Upland is committed to developing strategies and practices that will support and promote projects that focus on Indigenous sustainability, community health, resource recovery, food sovereignty, job opportunities, and more career options for future generations of Indigenous peoples and communities.

We recognize the diversity of Indigenous cultures, the importance of Indigenous heritage, and that Indigenous peoples are the original and continuing stewards of their Traditional Territories through Treaty Rights and Title.