Salmon Arm Métis Association Food Security Assessment


The Salmon Arm Métis Association (SAMA) Food Security Assessment aimed at identifying the needs of the community and finding opportunities to improve the food security of its members within the SAMA region. The Assessment considered the many food assets and cultural traditions within the SAMA community, as well as the needs and interests of SAMA community members and was crucial in ensuring food security at both the community and household level for SAMA members. The assessment resulted in a set of 8 recommendations to improve food security.

Developing the SAMA Food Security Assessment included comprehensive background research which involved a scan of relevant policies, community health profiles, statistical information and reports. This was followed by a situational analysis was completed by gathering information on past and current food and agriculture initiatives in the community. Subsequently, engagement with individuals and organizations in the Salmon Arm area and Métis community area took place through interviews and a survey to better understand the experience of community members as well as the agri-food resources available to them.