Regional District of North Okanagan Regional Agricultural Plan 

(2013-2014) The Regional Agricultural Plan was initiated in early 2013 as a priority Regional Growth Strategy (RGS). This Plan is the culmination of a Background Report, Market Opportunities Analysis, and extensive consultation with the agricultural community. The Background Report presented an overview of the regional context, results of the Agricultural Land Use Inventory (ALUI), Census of Agriculture analysis, community consultation and issue identification. The Market Opportunities Analysis provided a high-level assessment of opportunities and challenges facing the North Okanagan agricultural sector. This Plan combines that information with feedback from the community to present a vision statement, key priorities and recommended actions towards planning for agriculture in the North Okanagan. It also includes an overview of potential pilot projects, an implementation strategy, monitoring and evaluation framework, and a list of funding opportunities.

Link to RDNO Regional Agricultural Plan (PDF)

Link to RDNO Regional Agricultural Plan Market Opportunities Analysis (PDF)