Farm-Level Business Plans (various)

Upland Agricultural Consulting has worked closely dozens of new and experienced farmers to identify opportunities to grow their farm businesses. Upland has experience in developing business plans for a diversity of farm operations, including mixed-vegetable, berry, livestock, goat dairy, hops, seafood, flowers, mushrooms, and specialty crops (e.g. wasabi) as well as value-added products.

Ione Smith, Director of Upland, is a Qualified Business Consultant as conferred by the BC Ministry of Agriculture. If you choose to work with Ione you may be eligible for funding through the B.C. Agri-Business Planning Program.

Upland will work directly with you to ensure your farm business goals are met while providing a road-map on how to get you there.

Examples of business planning activities that Upland can provide are, but not limited to:
- Determining your business strategy including goals, vision and mission statements,
- Identifying consumer market trends, industry competition, and market gaps,
- Outlining the farm production plan for each farm activity and including best environmental practices of production,
- Performing a risk assessment using a strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats assessment (SWOT) and identifying a mitigation strategy for any identified risks,
- Providing financial analysis that includes assessing capital investment needs, operational expenditures, costs of production, cash flow analysis, and breakeven analysis, and,
- Forming an implementation strategy, including seeking funding opportunities, for how to set the business plan into motion.

Upland will provide you with a final report and an excel workbook which can be modified as your business changes and grows.