On-Farm Composting in BC: A Step-by-Step Guidebook


The guidebook was developed by Upland Agricultural Consulting for the BC Ministry of Agriculture with assistance from Ministry staff and interviews with BC farmers. This composting guide is a step-by-step handbook intended to help farmers choose a suitable system that will produce high quality compost in a cost-effective way, in order to minimize waste and maximize nutrient recapture on their farm. The methods and processes discussed in the guide are best described as small and medium-sized compost systems. The guide discusses steps farmers should take, from choosing the right material feedstock and composting system, to troubleshooting the composting process, to considerations for selling the compost and includes economic considerations for composting systems. The guide includes lists of resources for equipment dealers, composting testing and tools, and feedstock calculators.

Link: BC On-Farm Composting Handbook in BC: A Step-by-Step Guidebook for Small to Medium-Sized Farm Operations.