City of Delta Agricultural Plan


Upland Agricultural Consulting partnered with Urban Food Strategies to develop a new Agricultural Plan for the City of Delta, to update the 2011 Agricultural Plan. The new Agricultural Plan reflects the many changes, from economic to environmental to regulatory, which have influenced the local agriculture sector since 2011.

The two key objectives of the new Agricultural Plan are to:

  1. Identify current issues facing Delta’s agriculture industry and actions the City could take to respond to these issues; and,
  2. Recommend changes to Delta’s current Official Community Plan policies and zoning bylaw as needed to support and protect the long-term viability of local agriculture.

For Phase 1 of this project, we conducted background research and preliminary engagement with the Agriculture Advisory Committee to better understand Delta’s current agricultural sector.

Phase 2 saw the development of draft recommendations to address the needs identified in Phase 1. Through the input of the Agricultural Advisory Committee, stakeholders, and the broader community, those strategies were further refined and incorporated into a draft Agricultural Plan.

In Phase 3, the draft Agricultural Plan was finalized and endorsed by the Agricultural and Hunting Regulation Advisory Committee. Following that endorsement, Delta City Council approved the City's new Agricultural Plan on July 24, 2023.