City of Burnaby Food Systems Strategy and Food Charter


In 2022, Upland Agricultural Consulting worked in collaboration with project lead, Urban Food Strategies, to develop the Burnaby Food System Strategy (BFSS) and Food Charter. The strategy sought to outline the ways in which the City of Burnaby can lead and support action towards sustainable food systems and food security for all people in Burnaby. The process to create the BFSS involved working closely with a Project Advisory Committee as well as interviews, surveys, and workshops with key people and organizations. The Food Charter was developed through close collaboration with the Project Advisory Committee to identify a vision and shared food values. All community organizations, private businesses, educational institutions, or government can sign the Burnaby Community Food Charter. Those who sign this charter commit to creating sustainable food systems and food security in Burnaby.

The Burnaby Food System Strategy is a strategic plan to improve the quality, fairness, and sustainability of Burnaby’s food systems. This focuses on two main goals:

  • Food security
    Working towards a City where everyone has both access to food and choice in what they eat. The food options Burnaby residents have should be safe, culturally acceptable, and nutritious.
  • Food sustainability
    Helping to make sure the processes of growing food and getting it to our tables respects both our environment, and all the people who work to grow, harvest, transport, and prepare our food.

In addition to the BFSS and the Food Charter, a Food Asset Map underwent significant updates during this project. The Food Asset Map is a public facing customized google map which contains the locations of and pertinent information for food organizations, programs, shops, community gardens and food banks and free or low cost groceries and meals.