Cariboo Regional Agricultural Area Plan


The purpose of the Cariboo Agricultural Area Plan (AAP) was to produce a comprehensive agricultural planning document that focuses on the Cariboo Regional District’s jurisdiction and provides guidance in identifying opportunities to strengthen the regional agricultural sector and contribute to its long-term sustainability. The AAP recommends actions to address current and anticipated changes, challenges and opportunities specific to the role of the CRD.

Development of the plan resulted in the creation of 3 public facing documents: a comprehensive background report, an Engagement summary Report and the Final AAP. Four key steps in the planning process were undertaken, these steps included:

  1. A background report to provide an update on the current trends in the agricultural sector since the 2007 Strategy was completed;
  2. An analysis of current policies and regulations relating to the agriculture sector in the CRD;
  3. Engagement with agricultural producers and the public (including interviews, surveys and meetings with the Agricultural Development Advisory Committee (ADAC)) to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats affecting the agriculture sector and land base; and
  4. The creation of an implementation strategy to facilitate a community-based approach to strengthening agriculture, along with a monitoring and evaluation framework to track implementation progress.

To view a copy of the Cariboo Agricultural Area Plan visit the CRD's project information page.