Barnston Island Agriculture Viability Study


The Barnston Island Agricultural Viability Study emerged from the Metro Vancouver Electoral Area A Official Community Plan policy “to protect the Barnston Island as part of the ALR and complete an agricultural potential and viability study”.

The Study provides clear direction and actions that Metro Vancouver and the Barnston Island community can pursue to increase the long-term viability of agriculture and to increase the amount of actively farmed land on the Island. The Study process engaged farmers and residents on the Island through open houses on Barnston Island and through one-on-one site visits. A SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis was competed that highlights the issues and challenges of farming on Barnston island but also the opportunities that exist to enhance farming production. The Study provides recommended actions that Metro Vancouver (in collaboration with other levels of government, community groups and island residents) can take to improve agricultural viability on Barnston Island.

Link to Metro Vancouver - Barnston Island Agriculture Viability Study (PDF)