Assessment of Future Water Supply Options for Delta's Greenhouse Industry


This project was funded through the BC Climate Agriculture Initiative and the BC Greenhouse Growers Association. Upland was contracted to develop a Greenhouse Water Supply Risk and Options Assessment, with specific focus on greenhouses in the Delta BC community, which rely on potable water sources for irrigation purposes. These water sources may be vulnerable to use restrictions under drought conditions. This Assessment followed the Delta’s Future Agriculture Water Supply and Demand study which found that the existing surface water supply system could meet agricultural demands under the current climate and production levels but will fall short of meeting future water demands or support significant expansion of the industry without substantial upgrades. The assessment was completed through a combination of literature review and stakeholder engagement, which provided insights into the challenges and opportunities pertaining to water procurement within the greenhouse industry.

The assessment provided an overview of alternative opportunities available for water use by Delta greenhouse producers and an assessment of climate change and non-climate change related pressures on Delta's water availability. The assessment provides profiles of various alternative water procurement methods including rainwater catchment, aquifer access, and piping water in from the Fraser River. The various profiles including the relevant regulatory requirements, infrastructure upgrades, treatment technologies and costs of installation and maintenance. A webinar was presented to members of the BC Greenhouse Growers Association.