Commercial Cannabis in BC: Best Available Control Technologies


With the increasing production of commercial cannabis across the province, this report, commissioned by the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, sought to understand best practices and available technologies to minimize environmental impacts which may arise during cultivation and processing. Research for this report was three-pronged including, a literature review of current and innovative practices, a jurisdictional scan of environmental best practices, and interviews with subject matter experts.

The report includes an overview of the biophysical context of cannabis production, including life cycle, production requirements, and processing options. Additionally, the report provides information on waste disposal, and an exploration of various Best Available Control Technologies for associated air emissions, liquid waste, and solid waste management. The report includes a summary of the jurisdictional differences in regulations, compliance and enforcement with examples from Canadian provinces (Ontario and Alberta) and American States (Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado).

The report is available on the Government of British Columbia website.