Southern Stl’atl’imx Agricultural Opportunities Assessment

Southern Stl'atl'imx Agricultural Opportunities Assessment


Upland Agricultural Consulting worked closely with the Southern Stl’atl’imx Health Society and members of the Southern Stl'atl'imx communities (N’Quatqua, Samahquam, Skatin and Xa’xtsa (Douglas)) to identify opportunities to reinforce and grow the food system. The Assessment considers current food and agricultural initiatives within the four Southern Stl'atl'imx communities and provides recommendations towards supporting and enhancing food production options that are viable within the intersection of community health, wellness, business opportunities, and sustainable practices. The assessment involved exploring land availability for supporting agricultural activities, describing current food system projects within the communities, engaging with community members on desirable projects, and making recommendations to build upon current initiatives and future opportunities. The development and implementation of the Southern Stl'atl'imx Agricultural Opportunities Assessment is an important step for the Southern Stl'atl'imx communities, the Southern Stl’atl’imx Health Society, local schools and Chiefs and Councils to work together towards food sovereignty and greater food security.

Lytton First Nation Agricultural Opportunities Assessment

Lytton First Nation Agricultural Opportunities Assessment


The Lytton First Nation Agricultural Opportunities Assessment and Food Hub Feasibility Study provides recommendations regarding viable crop scenarios and includes a robust and scalable governance and financial model for the food hub framework. The primary goal of the Plan is to assist local farmers in saving time and money by selling their products collectively. Resources, including staff and equipment, would be shared to minimize overhead and operational costs.

This report provides a detailed explanation of the assumptions and recommendations that are demonstrated in the financial projections, which has been developed in a conservative manner. The financial plan includes an estimate of job opportunities, cash flow projection, promotion and branding.

Kitsumkalum First Nation Agri-Food Opportunities and Business Plan

Kitsumkalum First Nation Agricultural Opportunities and Business Plan


The Kitsumkalum Nation retained Upland to complete an Agri-food Opportunities and Feasibility Assessment to identify opportunities to increase food production in the Kitsumkalum community and determine economic opportunities for agriculture. Several reports were completed throughout the project process, including a background scan of the local and regional food system and an assessment of the biophysical and agricultural capacity of the land. The findings of this project rank the suitable agricultural uses for several sites, taking into consideration site characteristics and accessibility, capital investments for site improvements, market conditions and the goals of the Kitsumkalum community. Three agri-food opportunities are identified and recommended for the Kitsumkalum to pursue and implementation strategies are outlined: one that enhances food security, one that utilizes land for primary crop production, and one that creates value-added products from traditional plants.

Lil’wat Nation Agricultural Opportunities Implementation and Business Plan

Lil'wat Nation Agricultural Opportunities Implementation and Business Plan


This Agricultural Implementation and Business Plan provides an assessment of opportunities and a business plan for Lil’wat Nation to increase the amount of, and access to, locally grown and produced food. The resulting farm operation will develop agriculture as an economic driver, while also conferring social and health benefits for the community. The Plan was completed in multiple phases of research, which included a background situational analysis of the local food system, an assessment of agricultural opportunities and crop feasibility, business plans for several crop types, and a final overall implementation strategy.

For more information visit the Lil'wat Nation website.

SLRD Area B, District of Lillooet, and St’at’imc Agricultural Plan

Squamish Lillooet Regional District Area B Agricultural Plan


This Agricultural Plan is unique amongst agricultural plans in BC in that it was developed with extensive input from local indigenous community members. Significant input was also gathered from agricultural community stakeholders and the public - this is a plan made for and by the community.

In 2016, the Agricultural Plan was recognized with a Real Estate Foundation of BC Land Award (Public Sector category) for excellence in land use planning. Download the News Release, and check out the video below to learn more about the planning process.

The plan provides a vision statement, key priorities and recommended actions towards planning for agriculture in the SLRD Area B, District of Lillooet, and Northern St’at’imc territory. It also includes an implementation strategy with performance indicators to monitor and a list of funding opportunities.

Link to Part 1: Background Report - link to project page and link to final report (PDF)

Link to Part 2:  Recommended Actions and Implementation Strategy - link to project page and link to final report (PDF)


Tsain-Ko (Sechelt Indian Band) Agricultural Opportunities Assessment

Tsain-Ko (Sechelt Indian Band) Agricultural Opportunities Assessment


Tsain-Ko requested the services of Upland Agricultural Consulting to provide a biophysical review of land within its territory to determine which parcels could be viable for food production. The study was narrowed to 4 parcels and crop plans and associated business plans were developed for each site.