Kazlyn Bonnor, Research Analyst

BSc (Environmental Science), MRM (Masters in Resource Management), AAg (Articling Agrologist)

Kazlyn’s experiences in food system research, sustainable community and agriculture planning and engagement, and natural resource management provides her with the skills to successfully tackle the problems and research conducted by Upland. Before starting with Upland, Kazlyn worked on multiple small-scale market garden and livestock farms in France, Ontario and British Columbia, where she gained experience in the production and retail of farm products. Her hands-on farming experiences help ground her work when researching, conducting analyses and writing reports. Kazlyn is adept at conducting stakeholder interviews and farm-site visits, analyzing qualitative survey and interview data, as well as using her comprehensive research skills to produce topical research reports and analyses. Kazlyn has completed numerous literature scans and is efficient at analyzing and summarizing large volumes of information into useable briefing documents for decision makers. Her first-hand experience working on farms, combined with her academic research skills, give her a robust analytical framework with regard to agricultural and food system issues and problems to inform agriculture policy and plan development.

Kazlyn received a Master’s in Resource and Environmental Management (Planning) from Simon Fraser University in 2019. Her thesis focused on assessing the vulnerability and resilience of food service operations in the City of Vancouver during an earthquake and an extreme storm. The results from her research help to inform food system planning for emergency management. Kazlyn received a BSc (Honours) in Environmental Science from the University of Ottawa in 2013, graduating magna cum laude. Kazlyn is completing the Articling Agrologist program with the BC Institute of Agrologists and is a Pre-Candidate Member with the Planning Institute of BC. She currently serves as the Treasurer for the Capital Region Beekeepers Association and is a member of the Esquimalt Community Garden Society.