Ione Smith, Director

BSc (Environmental Sciences), MSc (Resource Management), PAg

Ione is passionate about working with producers to find solutions to challenging problems. In 2010, Ione translated that passion into a profession by founding Upland Agricultural Consulting. She is a Professional Agrologist with a background in community engagement, agricultural planning, and land resource science. Ione brings 15 years of extensive experience in planning for the implementation of actionable recommendations and policies that will improve farm viability and food production through strategic stakeholder engagement processes. She is a skilled facilitator, published author and prolific keynote speaker on the topic of local government tools and strategies for enhancing local food production through effective community planning. Ione has delivered presentations and workshops to dozens of communities and conferences across BC.

Ione is also a Tier 2 BC Farm Business Advisor as conferred by Growing Forward 2: a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. Ione’s Tier 2 specializations include:
- Business strategy and planning;
- Marketing and branding strategy;
- Value-added ventures; and
- Organic production and certification.

Ione is currently serves as a Commissioner at the Provincial Agricultural Land Commission on the South Coast Panel. She is a steering committee member of the BC Food Systems Network, an organization that works to create healthy, just, and sustainable food systems and a past board member of Community Futures Sunshine Coast, an organization committed to growing local businesses.

Ione received a MSc from the Institute for Resource Management, Environment, and Sustainability (RMES) at UBC in 2004, where her thesis focused on the relationship between farming and water quality in the Fraser Valley. She received a B.Sc. (Hons) in Environmental Sciences from the University of Guelph, where she was nominated for the prestigious W.C. Winegard Medal as the top graduating student from the Ontario Agricultural College. Originally from Montreal, Ione studied in Australia and Ontario before settling in BC in 2002. She is fluent in both French and English.